When it comes to education you will not find another salon as dedicated to ongoing advanced education as CREAM Salons. We provide weekly 2-3 hour classes for our entire staff. Classes include advanced cutting and coloring, makeup, team building, product knowledge, body, mind, spirit enhancement and anything that will make us more valuable to you, the guest, and us as human beings.

We dedicate ourselves to our craft like we are married to it. Hmmm, should we get a CREAM wedding band? Anyway, we insist you know we eat, sleep, breath hair. We’ve even tossed around the idea of bunk beds in the back because we never want to leave. We do photo shoots and when the community asks for our help in anything hair or makeup related, we say yes please.

Global Training

We believe that transformational experiences occur when people step outside there daily routine and into another realm. That is why we send our stylists to New York City and L.A. for training. Our stylists are immersed in a world of fashion, art and training seminars that blow there mind and rock your hair. A typical trip for them can include 8 hours of intense training followed by 4 hours of intense shopping followed by 5 hours of intense bar hopping and sight seeing. This ignites their passion for coming back to their chair and making you feel and look your best.

In-house training

Every Wednesday we dedicate ourselves to elevating our craft. Our Bumble Network educators Rebecca, Chris keep people connected to Bumbles amazing hairdressing techniques and our salon owners Curtis and Mel share their visions, maybe even more than we like (they are very passionate people!).

We allow any of our staff the chance to teach if they want to share their talents because at CREAM we say no-no to ego and goodbye to attitudes! CREAM Salons believe in family-time and beach time so July/August and December we get a break!